Posted by: livesunny | November 15, 2010

Beat Winter’s effects with a Spa

Winter is almost here and we’re already starting to get hit with it’s effects.  Even with the 60 degree days that we’ve been having the last few days, you can already feel the Winter aches coming on.  Increased arthritis pain and just plain being cold are things that we have to battle during the winter months.  The cold dreary weather can even put us in a bad mood.  Spas can make a dramatic difference in how you feel when you’re combating low temperatures.

Many of us have to fight with arthritis everyday and it’s no surprise that we start feeling more pain and have a harder time with our joints once the temperature starts dropping.  The heat therapy provided by soaking in a spa every day can make a tremendous improvement on how we feel and make it easier for us to do the activities that are often just too painful.  The buoyancy experienced by the water in hot tubs (which is increased with the bubbles created when jets are running) decreases our effective body weight which eases tension put on our joints.  The hot water also helps our blood vessels to dilate and increase our blood flow.  This increased blood flow can reduce inflammation.

Of course there’s nothing better in the winter than getting warm after working outside, playing in the snow, or even just walking inside from the drive home.  If you’ve never experienced the magic that is sitting in a hot tub while the snow is falling, you’re missing out.  Hopping in a hot tub and relaxing when it’s cold outside is an entirely new experience.

Winter can be downright dreary sometimes.  Unfortunately, this can have a negative effect on our mood & attitude.  One of the most interesting benefits to using a spa is that soaking in the hot water releases natural endorphins.  Using a spa in the winter months will not only leave you physically feeling better but it can help mentally as well.  After a long day of work, many of us can use some “boosting”.  What better way to do that than to hop in your hot tub and let the hot water & jets work out your day’s aches & pains?


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