Posted by: livesunny | December 1, 2009

Welcome to The Sunny Life!

SunLife Showroom

SunLife's Home Office in Hickory NC

Welcome to “The Sunny Life”.  This blog is meant to be a place where we can share ideas, tips, & answers with homeowners that are looking to improve their home and make it into their own personal paradise!  Why go on vacation when you can relax right at home?

We are a small, family owned & operated company in North Carolina that specializes in “Life Improvement” home improvements.  Started in 1981, we have grown to be the largest & oldest Sunroom & Spa company in the Carolinas.  This experience has taught us a great deal and we hope that we can share some of this experience with those who are looking to do some of these Lifestyle Home Improvements.  While we do specialize in Sunrooms & Spas, we carry a lot more than that to help our customers make the most of their homes.  We’ll be sharing tips & ideas not only about Sunrooms & Spas but also Saunas, Grills, Furniture, recipes, landscaping, & more!

We hope that you’re able to gather some great information here but we hope that you’ll share it with us as well!  We love to hear from others so please feel free to comment or email with your ideas & questions.

– Dave @ SunLife


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